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Neke's Drama Camp 2023
NeKe's Theatre Company
Drama Camp starts
Sat. June 24, 2024
call to now 773-245-6353


Teaching Our Youth How To Act 
On and Off Stage


Sign Your Child Up Today!

CALL NOW....773-245-NEKE(6353)


Do your child want to learn how to act ,sing, dance, recite poetry, or needs etiquette training? Do they need to learn Conflict Resolution and or Coping Skills with life situations like bullying and or violence? Do they lack confidence? Do they need reading and or writing enhancement skills?  If so, you are on the right site!

Ne-ke's Theatre Company will give your child a positive social and interactive learning enviorment utilizing their creativity.

This program, is a component of Ne-Ke's Theatre Company and its full mission and vision, aims to educate, motivate, and inspire youth to become the change that will guide them on a path to ending violence and bullying through performing arts, entrepreneurship, and etiquette training.


Through performing arts, etiquette, & entrepreneurship training, we strive to empower youth to love themselves enough to live in a society without bullying and violence. We teach them how to start a business.


Ne-ke’s Theatre Company is to open Neke's Theatre Company Performing Arts Center in 2022!

Objectives/What’s offered?

Ne-ke’s Theatre Company objectives are to educate and motivate and empower the youth with the following  program that consist of a play production that will highlights the Social Emotional ills our youth are face with daily. We teach Entrepreneurship, Etiquette, Fashion and Poetry.


  • Acting Classes


  • Leadership Training 


  • Visual, Spiritual & Abstract Art​


  • Entrepreneurship Training


  • Unique Projects, Trips & Activities


  • Poetry/Fashion Review


  • Vocal and Dance Training​


  • Play Productions/Artist & Entrepreneur Showcase/Fashion show



Neke's Staff
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