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Venita "Queen" Abrams-Credit


A Columbia College Alumnus & playwright with a voice that speaks of encouraging and uplifting people has published five books and produced two sound tracks, just to name several of her projects: Shattered, but Not Broken is a book of poetry that expresses poetic blues and praises. Prince C.J. is a motivational children’s book. Both soundtracks are poetry and soft jazz tones.


Ms. Abrams founded in 1991, a theatre company entitled Ne-Ke’s Theatre Company, a Non-for-profit (501c3) organization that launched Ne-ke’s Theatre Company’s Drama, Literacy, Etiquette and Entrepreneur  Program, and tours the city of Chicago with inspirational theatrical productions. Papers have published articles about Ms. Abrams involvement in community theatrical projects that includes poetry.


Abrams is a motivational speaker, recites poetry and has hosted poetry shows throughout the city. The Live Life Expo brought children and their parent to join in to workshops on healthy life styles and exercise. One of many of her projects was producing a talent show for the youth entitled Youth Together We Can. Youth from the ages of 6-19 will perform singing, dancing, poetry, rapping, tapping, and acting. She organized The Love Fest; a free event for the community over 200 people came out and enjoyed games, music, blood pressure screening, poetry competition, free haircuts, basket ball and much more.


Abrams produced several play productions; A Musical Gospel Stage Play she wrote entitled, Caught Up a play, that moved the spirit of 1000 attendees. The Color of My Eyes, an original play about 700 attendees, A Healthy Life Style Workshop,

It's Christmas So What!, a youth talent show, at ETA Creative Arts Theater, standing room only. Presently wrote Black Boy Swag a play that highlights the social ills of Boys in Urban Areas, a play she’s touring; Broken Butterfly that highlights low self-esteem, bullying and violence in our youth. Coming soon, her One Woman’s Play From the Inside Out; A Queen’s Journey.


Venita M. Abrams a.k.a. Queen

Founder/Director, Ne-Ke's Theatre Company

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